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Seats are available at certain times today!


We offer a selection of charming beverages from Komoro City and Nagano Prefecture for your enjoyment. Delight in the unique terroir and culture.


Please utilize our ”Party" service for dining with 11 or more guests, or if you desire an all-you-can-drink plan. We offer hospitality with delightful dishes that are sure to please your invited guests.


Private Room

Exclusive use of the historic and prestigious Upper Chamber. From business entertainment to family gatherings, enjoy special moments in our refined private space.


Fine Treats

"Fine treats available at Komoro Honjin Omoya. Enhance your special moments with our carefully crafted confections."

The term 'Honjin' denotes the principal inn of a post town in the Edo era.The ex-Honjins of Komoro-juku and the 'Fujiya' of Zenkoji-juku, two distinguished inns in their time, are linked by the Hokkoku Kaido. Bound by a timeless connection, these two former Honjins herald a new chapter in history.

In the Edo period, an era of peace, the country roads were developed, and the post towns flourished. The Hokkoku Kaido, a crucial route for transporting gold and silver from Sado Island and a pilgrimage path to Zenkoji Temple, was extensively used by many. The Zenkoji-juku's Honjin, known as Fujiya, earned fame as the regular lodging for the daimyo of the Kaga Domain, and the Honjin of Komoro-juku thrived as a hub of commerce. Now, in the Reiwa era, these two historic Honjins are set to reunite, heralding the dawn of a new chapter in history.